Your Move Barack

Barack Obama is “open for questions” and there are a lot of them.


Thousands of these questions have been fronted to Barack Obama via his change.gov website. He opened a site which has a Digg-style format in which anybody can propose a question. Others will vote on whether that question is important to them or not. The top questions rise to the top. The bottom questions get buried. Obama opens the voting in different rounds so they have time to answer the most important ones periodically.

I think what rose as the number one question needs to be addressed in clear terms by our politicians and also believe it to to be a great proposal. Unfortunately I am also a young college student, a demographic that is far more open to social reform than most others and my opinion does not always reflect where the rest of society’s head is at:

picture-31This is where the internet community’s head is at. I am a Digg user and drug law reform is a common topic to come up on the site. The simple implementation of this site does not prove anything about how effective Obama will be in building a “connected democracy.” Obama is very shaky on the topic of marijuana, and now he has a chance to clarify his views. If Obama takes that opportunity it will say good thinks about his allegiance to using the Internet as a democracy. It shows he is more concerned with public interest than ignorant public perception.

This site is nowhere near ready to function as a voice for the people on policy change because not many people are using it. 7,947 people thought the question was important, but these are just tech savvy progressives. This is not a connected democracy model just yet but it shows promise. If Obama acknowledges that rational people are questioning drug laws and not just stoners, we have progress.


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